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Our JW Signature Tobacco Blend is perfect for enriching flavours to develop a tobacco note.  Made from pure tobacco with zero nicotine, it is a strong blend that will only require a few drops per 10ml of juice.

Add it to all different flavours and see what you can come up with.  This tobacco blend is developed from an old recipe that we have been using for over 6 years years and is found in some of our juices.

NOTE: You may see black specks in your bottle. These are tobacco molecules that do not affect the use or flavour.  You can heat the bottle to a reasonably high temperature by placing the bottle into hot water and allowing this to warm.  The tobacco molecules when heated will mix with your blend again.  Shake vigorously to disperse when warm.



Brand Juicewhore

Not bad

Its not bad i wouldnt go saying it taste like a filthy. I read here someone made this at 5% take my advice dont its way too strong in fact horrible. As another reviewer said 5 drop per 10 mls works could possibly go lower im no flavor chaser. Its quite a good vape using the later mix. Mick D.

This is the flavour I have been searching for

OMG.... this is the great taste I have been searching for in a tobacco, just like opening up a new packet & taking a big long smell of it. If you have tried the Premium tobacco range (fire cured) from Vista Vapors then look no further because this is the same wonderful taste at a fraction of the cost. I have tried a number of different tobacco's and this is the winner, mildly sweet, subtle flavour that tastes like the real thing. Excellent product JW. Mixing at 5% in a Kanger T3D because I like the taste.

Very Nicely Balanced

This is an excellent staple tobacco. I use it as a base flavour and add components like menthol, coffee or apple to compliment it. It is a very well balanced savoury tobacco (not sweet). Not too light. not too dark. Just right.

not to my taste

Although the product and serves is excellent,I found this blend to be a little to perfumey.Its the only way I can describe it.I did dilute it but still got that perfume taste

Tobacco blend

Glad I bought it, it gives the after taste as if you just had a ciggy


This is my hubby\'s favorite flavor. I find it really sweet, toffee like. It\'s aces all other tobacco flavors we have tried in the market, being vapers for 5 years now, we have tried many many flavors and JW knows her stuff!

Nice and flavorful

Enjoyed this tobacco blend. I\'ll be coming back for more.


Quite a nice tobacco blend, very light, smooth and a little sweet. Not too perfumey, not too full on, fantastic to use on its own or as a base for tobacco flavours!

Great taste

I am new to vaping (2 weeks) and I am on the high NIC (18mg) tobacco juice to wean me off the death sticks which I have been inhaling for 20 years. The high NIC in the juice tends to dull the flavors after a few vapes. A few drops of this brings it back to life and gives the juice a great taste. Great product I highly recommend it!!!!

good base

this is a really good baccy base for mixes, a little perfumy before steeping but after a steep it taste real nice, thanks JW


I am new to vaping so I am still experimenting. I find the tobacco blend has became a favorite. Great for those trying to give up the smokes.

This is PERFECT!!! VERY happy,fast

This is PERFECT!!! VERY happy,fast postage & EXCELLENT quality...A+++

Excellent Tobacco Concentrate

I've been mixing juices since 2007 and much of my focus has been on Tobacco flavours to assist new vapers. "Tobacco absolute" was once my go-to concentrate, as well as M type Tobacco from TFA. This concentrate is easily an equal and quite frankly, even preferable to the others. It's easy to mix and works brilliantly as a blender with other flavours; such as fruits and cocktails. For a 10 ml bottle, start at 5 drops and experiment from there. All DIY tobacco's require steeping, and the longer the better but, around 6 weeks should suffice. The general rule of thumb is the longer the steep, the less percentage of flavour. (I generally add around 3-5 drops of PGA and Apple cider vinegar too) This is a superb concentrate and I'd strongly recommend you give it a whirl. Thank you JuiceWhore for producing such an excellent concentrate.

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