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Part of our citrus range - Tangerine has a more sour note than that of an orange.  Perfect for a summer evenings vape.  

Zero Nicotine.    Keep out of reach of children.


Brand Juicewhore


Sorry not a very technical review, but I am very impressed with this sampler. Reminds me of eating Raro out of the pack (Yep kiwi living in Melbourne). Have let a few friends try this and they have been very pleased.


tastes like a mandarin. i don\'t know the differnece between a mandarin and a tangerine, but they\'re suppose to be similar, i\'ve only had mandarins. it\'s spot on with a mandarin though tastes good to vape, mixed in with nicotine (24mg) to make 12mg. i vaped it after first day of recieving, so it hasn\'t been steeped. but it still tastes good.


Great sampler! I let it steep for about a week and was very impressed with the results. I especially love the smell & the aftertaste. It\'s not too sour, not too sweet, but just right. Mixed it with 70%pg/30%vg with 18mg nic. Excellent.

Tastes more like orange medicine

I was expecting something a little more authentically \'orange\' flavoured. This however tastes more like orange flavoured medicine (particularly this cod liver oil orange flavour my mum used to force feed me when I was a child). Not a huge fan. But would give to someone who is into that kind of thing.


exactly as described, lovely citrus taste more of a bitter taste as it should be. one i would order as a regular vape. mixed with 50pg/50vg 36mg nic

a good base

I could see this as a good base for a Christmassy mulled wine vape with some spice but I found it a little sweet and cloying alone.

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