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Available in Smoke (black tint) only

Very similar in style and performance to the old Vision Stardust these inexpensive Kanger T5 clearomisers hold 1.6ml of juice and come fitted with a 1.8 ohm replacable coil.
510 threaded to suit most batteries.

To fill the T5: simply unscrew the mouthpiece and fill to the upper marking, refit mouthpiece - do not overfill, do not drip juice in the centre tube.
Allow a few minutes for the juice to 'wick' into the coil.
When in use, periodically tip or shake the T5 to ensure the wick remains saturated with juice

To replace the coil: Invert the clearomiser and unscrew the knurled base from the tube, pull out the old coil and press fit new. Replace the base into tube and tighten frmly.

Do not over-tighten the clearomiser when screwing onto your battery. When removing from battery grasp and turn the knurled base.

Replacement coils available here. (1.8 ohm no longer available)


Note: T5 coils are not interchangable with other clearomisers/tanks.


Brand Kanger


I got three of these to replace a generic, non-rebuildable ce4 I got as part of a kit, and have used them for about a week now. I have had no problems at all, even when left rolling on my car seat I havent had any issues with leak. I find the flavours to be good and would recommend these to anyone looking for a cheap, reliable clearo

T5 (CEX) Clearomiser

I switched to these a while ago now. Firstly because my partner, who also vapes, liked the choice of colours. Secondly because their price point was very attractive and affordable. Once they arrived, super promptly I might add :-) , I find that they are also totally user friendly. Simply undo the driptip, squeeze in your favourite e-juice, re-tip and away you vape. No fiddly wriggling to align the tip with a superfluous spine inside the chamber to avoid the unique flavour of unvaped juice! Yuck!. Which, incidentally I can barely see with my worn out eyeballs! Lo and behold a product that outshines the marketing propaganda! I\'m won and haven\'t entertained changing ever again.

As good as stardust

As good as stardust but cheaper. I have been using these for weeks and have had no problems with them.

Coil length

i love these type of clearomisers and have bought them previously from another supplier with a Long coil. Your product description states they come with Long coil but i received Short coils. Please correct your product description so that customers wanting the Long coil are aware.

What a surprise

Being a regular user of Stardust clearos for out and about, I thought I would order a couple of these and some replacement coils as they were so cheap. Well what a surprise, these things are fantastic. They work just as well, if not better, than the Stardust but at a fraction of the price for both the unit and replacement coils.

Very budget friendly, works okay

I found that these clearomisers are great for the price. On top of saving money, they work pretty well, too. The only problem is one of my clearomisers have started leaking after about a week\'s use, though it\'s manageable. Instead of replacing the wick more often, I just clean the bottom with a tissue a few times a day which helps. I haven\'t had any leaking problems with most of these clearomisers so this one might have just been a faulty one. Overall good purchase.

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