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The strongest in our Tobacco range.  It is strong and dark in flavour and finishes with cocoa nuances.  Not a vape for the faint hearted.

Zero Nicotine.  Keep out of reach of children.;


Brand Juicewhore

Goes great with beer!

It does. One of the few flavours Ive tried (and Ive tried a lot) that cuts it when Im drinking. Next best thing to a real durry.


Love it, second review I\'m writing, still waiting for my first coupon

its actually alot better than i thoguht

revisited stormy, and its pretty dam good. Still doesent resemble tobacco that much but there is a faint resemblence but the flavors that come out of it are quite good and strong, and all round good smoke and it does go good with a beer. :D


It\'s my favourite flavour.

Strong and odd

Not sure about his one, let it steep for a week and made an 18mg batch, good throat hit very strong flavor, but im not sure it even resembles tobacco at all. Maybe its just me but i find the taste very fresh and cool its harsh but in a smooth way and i have not much clue what flavors are really in the works in it. Its a good strong vape but i wouldnt say its the best tobacco. Ill let steep longer and see how it goes

xo stormy

Stormy has been my adv since I started vaping and that was almost 4 years ago. There is nothing in Canada like it. Full flavour smoky goodness. It has got awesome throat hit and great vapor production. If you like a nice strong vape this juice is for you.

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