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Another "sour" flavour to add to the range.  If you love cherries then you will like this vape.  Tangy and sour yet sweet as well.

Keep out of reach of children.  Zero Nicotine.


Brand Juicewhore

Definitely one for me!

Love cherry-flavoured ANYTHING, and I love this vape. The only way I would improve it (and Del, youll know this by some of my other reviews!) is to sweeten it a touch more. I know I go on about everything being sweeter, but since I found my taste again, Ive had such a sweet tooth! Speaking of which, any chance you could offer an option on it (and/or other flavours) for extra sweetener? Perhaps you could sell also think of selling sweetener separately? I currently buy a sweetener from a US seller and I would rather support Aussies if possible! Anyway, sorry to go off-topic! I do like this vape *very* much and will most definitely order it. Particularly good when Im looking for a fruit flavour, and oddly, I tend to stick to mostly caramels / nut flavours these days, but when I want a fruit-flavoured one, I think sour cherry will be it (or your raspberry which I can never get enough of!).

strong flavour

Nice strong sour after taste. Had a little bit of a soapy taste to it though


The staff at Juice Whore provided me with excellent customer service and lovely products. I will definitely be back! :)

cherry goodness

yep one of my all time favorites love this all day vape, i think its been 2 years sense i ave up the deathsticks keep up the good work

Super strong flavour

I very much enjoyed this flavour. It is spot on to the sour cherry hard candy I used to get as a kid. Only draw back I found was that it is a strong flavour and the sour taste will carry over when putting a new flavour in a tank/coil. I recommend changing the coil and giving the tank a good rinse before putting another flavour in it otherwise all you will taste is sour cherry no matter what flavour you put in.

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