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This juice is based on the energy drink Rockstar.  A rather refreshing flavour and quite different to other energy drinks.

Zero Nicotine.  Keep out of reach of children.


Brand Juicewhore

Spot on!

I like Rockstar, I dont care what anybody says, if I\'m gonna get caffeine in a can, its usually this. The juice is no different. The flavour surprised me in just how like the real thing it is! Can vape this all day, and have, without getting the shakes and jitters from drinking an entire six pack of the things would. Unique, and delicious.


just the best :)

rockstar juice

Awesome flavour

Dull but sweet

Doesn\'t give you much of a deep taste it\'s more light and sweet, personally I don\'t like that but other people might like it like that so it\'s not exactly a bad review just my opinion

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