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10ml of The Flavor Apprentice concentrate flavouring.

Ingredients: Natural and Artifical Flavours, Propylene Glycol, water

Note this concentrate may react with some plastics used in clearomiser mouthpieces/tanks - please test first.


Brand TheFlavorApprentice

Natural Banana with a twist

For this flavour I have used a 510 cartomiser on my WetBox. I used a few drops to wet the inside of the cartomiser first and then used the juice feeder from that point forward. The liquid is a very light yellow colour that is clear and free of any debris. It flows and drips well, meaning that it wicks without any trouble. The fragrance is that of a fresh and natural banana with a hint of cinnamon present. When vaped it has a distinctly fresh banana taste, that is NOT a milkshake banana flavour. This is coupled with what I could only, up till a few days ago, describe as an odd but pleasant flavour. It took me a while to work out what this other flavour reminded me of and the best way I can describe it is that it is somewhere between a dark caramel and cocoa combination. The JuiceWhore site says that this flavour is Bananas topped with a rich caramel syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon but I guess the Banana and Caramel flavours overpower the subtle Cinnamon notes to create that pleasant but odd taste. The throat hit is average, which is good because it still satisfies but doesnt detract from the flavour experience. There is no real noticeable aftertaste as the flavour fades very quickly after the last clouds of vapour leave your mouth or nose. Overall, I found it to be a pleasant vape but a little too odd for my liking. For anyone who does like a natural banana flavour, it may be just the thing. Feels more like a night time, relaxing vape rather than something to vape during the day though.

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