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A Peach Hookah flavour with wonderful peach flavours and tobacco back notes.

One of the most popular in our Hookah range, this product has the Golden Kiss of approval.

Zero Nicotine.  Keep out of reach of children.;


Brand Juicewhore

Love it

I might have weird taste buds but it reminded me of chewing gum that had lost its flavour. Very subtle and smooth.

peach hookah

This realy suprised me, strong juicy peach flavour, maybe to strong for me, but the tobacco back notes are very nice, the peach is so strong on the inhale but the tobacco comes through nicely on the exhale. The peach dosnt realy leave an after taste, but does mellow the baccy after taste. Some will love this others will hate it, for me the peach is to strong, would love to try it with a milder peach. I am now keen to try your grape hookah and compare the two.... All up a very nice juice indeed.....

Peach Hookah

Brilliant, love it, all day vape and will be returning for more

Subtle Taste of Peach

Another one of the great tasting eJuice with fruit and tobacco infusion. This is definitely one of the \'must have\' juice for all serious vapers.

Great peach taste

Fantastic peach taste, I can vape on this all day!!

I can see why this was put in the Golden Kiss rang

My first encounter with this flavour was straight out of the envelope and at first I wasnt all that impressed. The peach was initially too strong, but the bottle really just needed some time to mature. A month later I thought I might give this another go and I am glad I did. The peach and tobacco are perfectly balanced now and despite not generally enjoying tobacco flavours in the past, this juice has taught me how to appreciate them... cut with a complementary fruit flavour. 5 stars.


This juice has a mild clean flavour and is great for a all day vape! I always choose 100%vg and it still has loads of flavour.

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