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If you love Sour Apple straps, this vape gives the same sourness and tingle to the tongue. 

Keep out of reach of children.  Zero Nicotine.


Brand Juicewhore

could be stronger

I had a bit of trouble getting the flavours to shine through. For me it was more of a subtle fresh apple taste than the explosion of sour apple strap that i was hoping for. IMO could be stronger


I found this flavour quite enjoyable, at first you get a nice taste of green apple, with a tingly sour aftertaste. I would like to try it a little stronger though as it is a bit subtle.

almost there.....

Agree with the other reviewers. This needs a lot more apple. The sourness is really strong for me, and I think it could possibly go down a notch, and the apple needs to be turned up a couple.

Original Sour Apple the best

I came back to this one as the tart sour apple wasn\'t to my liking. This is my favourite juice.

Sour Apple

I am big on my citrus flavours and really, Really looked forward to trying this dev juice. I first got it as a sampler and worried that i screwed up my mix, so i ordered another 10ml. The Apple is definately in there somewhere, hiding away... Im just getting no where near the amount of flavour characteristic of JW juice. I started to think my apple bud was broken, So I vaped straight doubler with no nic and it was still just hints of the flavour. I then made my non vaping, non smoking partner try it.... She had the same impression, compared with Raspberry and Ginger Beer the flavour seems much less robust.....I have to agree with the previous reviewer, has promise but was really looking for a smack in the face tart apple. Comment from Del : I have been vaping this for a few days. Some love it as it is, so I will work on a new recipe and offer both I think. The apple I have used is not a strong one. I am going to go with a Granny Smith and try that for the smack in the face tartness. Thanks for the reviews, it helps with developing the juices. Del


Nice flavor but to my taste it needs a little more apple to balance it. Cheers

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