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A refreshing drink made with Lime, Soda and Rum.  Great for summertime and citrus lovers.  

Keep out of Reach of Children. Zero Nicotine.


Brand Juicewhore

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I don't take much more out of it than the mint. Not a cool refreshing mint. Not much lime.


This Juice made me super happy, I had been trying to find a refreshing juice that I could enjoy without feeling a really sweet taste. The after taste is fantastic, it's really incredible how you can sense each of the ingredients of mojito, the lime and spearmint are a highlight. I highly recommend this juice.

Let it steep ..

Ok, so when I first got this juice I was a bit disappointed. I thought maybe my taste buds had gone on holiday as I couldn't taste any lime. I put it away for about 2 weeks..then I tried it again today..What a difference a bit of time makes!. Its gorgeous..and yes , now I can taste the lime. Lovely refreshing vape. I'll be ordering a doubler with my next order. JW make the best juices. I recently tried some sample juices from a Very well known overseas company..Suffice to say they are all in the bin now, so glad I didn't pay for them. JW leaves most other juices in the shade. Support our Aussie businesses..they are worth it!!!


Amazing juice. Great lime flavor with slight mint finish. Both me and the wife loved this juice and are glad it made it past developement.

5 stars

Just like the real thing ... You can really taste the lime ...Love it ...

Mojito madness

like smoking a tropical cocktail. Highly recommend it


One of the best refreshing juices I have tried. Very crisp and clean flavor. Will be stocking up on this one.

Smooth & citrusy

Nice smooth flavour & texture. Not too overpowering with a nice scent in the car afterward!

oh my great

oh my, perfect, taste just like the real thing, what a great release just in time for summer, ill be buying a 30ml bottle or triple flavour first thing next week! so fresh light and smooth in the hot heat 6 stars

Inital Thoughts

If you like Lime then this is one for you. Have a feeling this is going to end up on my Top 10 flavourite vapes list. ;) This ones definitely one to take with you to the beach.

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