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No it's not the real thing. Not a lot of throat hit and may not even taste like you think it should - Strictly a novelty vape.

Keep out of reach of children. Zero Nicotine.


Brand Juicewhore

Wierdest Vape Ever

Not the most pleasant taste, but as the description says it's strictly a novelty vape.

I know what I was expecting but this was not it

I really did not know how to describe the taste on this. But I think Damien L. put it best saying it tastes like Lantana smells. This one I could not finish I had to dump the tank. Others may like this but it is not for me.

Awesome flavour.

No it's not the real thing but omg. Good work guys. Love it. Thank you.

Uncle Bob

Nice juice, TAKES ME BACK TO THE 60\'s, if the mix is Doubler(66%) and Nic.48mg(33%) Del, Keep up the good work.

Not quite the flavour I was expecting

I purchased Mary Jane expecting a flavour similar in taste to marijuana. To me it seems to taste more like how lantana smells.

It\'s a novelty

Needs a little time for flavour to mix, as it says not the real thing just a fun juice to try. Slight green spice taste

Not quite

Not quite the Mary Jane taste I was chasing.

it\'s ok but only if your quitting the habit

I don\'t think it\'s for me but it does taste like the real thing there\'s no buzz though

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