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Are you a fruit loops fan? Try our take on this popular breakfast cereal

Zero Nicotine. Keep out of reach of children.


Brand Juicewhore

tastes nothing like froot loops, not even a little

Sorry guys, this is the worst cereal juice I have ever tried. I've let it steep for 3 weeks in a nic base and shaken it daily. It's in a cool completely dark drawer. It tastes *exactly* like the *smell* of lemon morning dish soap. Just artificial citrusy overpowering lemon flavour. The weird part is there is a hint of a crusty/buttery flavour on the exhale. it just doesn't go at all - there is absolutely no ceral flavour anywhere in this, and I'm not able to vape it.


Needs to steeped for at least a month. But wow after one month tastes so good almost like the real thing. Sweet and creamy just like the cereal with milk.

Citrus city

I let this juice steep for 5 days after mixing. Maybe it needs longer but right now it tastes way to citrusy. I get the fruit loops flavour but it doesn't quite gel yet. The milk notes taste burnt to me. Less citrus and more sugar snap flavour would round it off better. More like all day breakfast from vapoureyes is what I was hoping for.

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