Honey Wood Tobacco - 10ml Standard

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A woody tobacco with honey notes.  Lovely for an evening relaxing vape just before bedtime or for all day - the choice is yours. .

Keep out of reach of children. Zero Nicotine.


Brand Juicewhore

Honey Wood Tobacco

After allowing a week and a bits steeping period, i mixed this with 36mg nic juice at 80%PG 20%VG, giving a final nic strength of 18mg. Vaping at 3.7v in an Ego VV with Echo cartomiser gave a very pleasant honey flavour with a very slight tobacco touch and good vapour production. . 4.0V gave a more pronounced tobacco hit, but still with a pronounced Honey hit. I have found that at 4.3V, the overall favour wanes somewhat and it became a little harsh. I do tend to vape at 3.7V due this very reason. In review, i would suggest that this is an excellent flavour for someone who likes things sweet, but not as sweet as a lollie based vape. Round and mellow with a nice sweetness and excellent aroma that lingers for some time after vaping.

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