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Can I return something if I change my mind or I have ordered the wrong thing ?

We will generally accept returns on hardware items if you have ordered incorrectly or have changed your mind. You must obtain an RMA approval via the Helpdesk before returning any items. Return requests must be made within 14 days of purchase of the item.

Items returned must be unused and unopened. Refunds on returned items will be given as store credit only.


Our juices are made fresh to order and are date stamped. Please ensure to order correctly as we cannot accept returns on these products.
We are happy to make changes to your juice order if you notice a discrepancy prior to production but there is nothing we can do once the product has been made and shipped.


What if I don't receive my order ?
If you haven't received delivery within a reasonable time, please contact us via the Helpdesk so that we may investigate. Details of delivery time frames around Australia can be found at www.auspost.com.au

If you are not able to accept delivery, Australia Post will leave a card and you can collect the article from your nearest post office. If you would like your package left without a signature* please tick YES at "Authority to leave parcel if no-one home?" - note that once the package is left it is treated as signed for.
*Not available for international orders.

Can I return a faulty item?

Yes, if the item is under warranty. Note that coils and other consumable items do not carry a warranty. If you wish to return a faulty item, please contact us via the Helpdesk with the details. Our usual return policy will apply regarding postage for returned items.


Shopping in store

What does the status of my order mean? 

The status of your order is updated as each stage is completed, some of these stages are notified by email.
We realise that some status wording may be confusing however this a constraint of the store software and is something we cannot change.

"New". Your order is confirmed but we are waiting on payment. We can still make additions or changes to your order at this time.

"Pick" Your order is confirmed and fully paid -  it will move into production at the next available slot. We can still make additions or changes to your order at this time.

"Pack" Your order is in production. We cannot change or add to your order once it reaches this stage.

"Pending Dispatch" Your order is in packaging and should be shipped shortly.

"Dispatched". Your order is ready to ship or has been shipped.

"On Hold" We are waiting on payment or there is change pending on the order.

"Cancelled". The order has been cancelled.


If you don't understand why you are seeing a particular order status please contact us via the Helpdesk.

Are your prices GST inclusive ?

Yes, all prices shown in our store are inclusive of GST which is 10% as per Australian taxation and is not added onto your final purchase price.

We are registered for GST and our ABN is 80 090 665 482.

If ordering from outside of Australia you do not pay GST - this will be reflected in the lower total price at checkout.

How can I pay?

We offer a number of payment options:

PayPal. Pay using your PayPal account.

Credit & Debit (MC & Visa) Card. Payment is processed via the PayPal gateway however you do not need a PayPal account.

Bank Deposit. You can pay online from your account, or over the counter at your local branch. Our banking details are given after completing checkout.

Store Credit, RewardsCoupons & Gift Vouchers issued by our store are all acceptable payment methods.

Phone. Payments may be made with your credit/debit card by phoning us during business hours.

For overseas orders, PayPal is the only acceptable payment method and will be subject to fraud checking.


In all cases, orders are not proccessed until payment has cleared.

If payment has not been recieved within 4 business days your order may be cancelled.


Can I add to my order?

If your order status is still 'New', 'Pick, or 'On Hold' then we can usually do this. Simply lodge a Helpdesk ticket stating exactly what you would like added, we will confirm and ask that you send payment either directly to our PayPal address or through a PayPal invoice for the balance.
We cannot add items that are showing 'Out of Stock'.

Do you ship overseas ?

We ship to most countries around the world, however if your country is not listed when registering/checking out then unfortuately we cannot ship to you.

In most cases we require that the items are sent Registered so a signature will be required on delivery. Tracking of the delivery may also be required.

International packages MUST be delivered to the registered address shown in your PayPal account. We will no longer ship to a different address due to fraudulent transactions that have occurred with overseas shipments.

Our shipping charges do not include any applicable taxes and duties by Customs/Border Revenue in the country where your order is to be delivered. You are responsible for such taxes and duties.

Why did my order get cancelled ?

Orders that remain unpaid for more than 4 business days (96 hours) will be cancelled. While this is generally enough time for bank deposits and eCheques to clear, if you are sure payment has been made, and the order shows as cancelled, please contact us via the Helpdesk.
Please contact us if your order is still marked as 'New' or 'On Hold' and you believe you have paid so that we may check and your order does not get cancelled.

We reserve the right to cancel any order we believe may be fraudulant. We also reserve the right to refuse patronage to customers who we beleive are under 18 years of age, or are abusive to our customer service staff. These orders will be cancelled, payments refunded and the customer account suspended.


How long does it take to supply my order ?

If your order contains Premium (hand made) juice then these are made to order and not in large batches due to the number of variations we offer (PG/VG ratio, Flavour strength, etc) and therefore it generally takes a day or 2 to complete those orders - during peak times such as holidays this can be longer. Rest assured you will receive a quality product.

Orders containing only hardware items are usually sent the next business day. If we are able we will try to include it in the same days shipping run but this is not always possible due to the high volumes of orders we receive.

Please note that Express shipping relates to the postal service and NOT our services, it still takes us the same amount of time to produce your order.

Do you offer samples ?

Because all of our juices are hand mixed to order it is not practical to make up small batches of our production juices to have available as samples. The smallest single size we have available for purchase is 10ml.

We do offer samples of flavours that are still in the development phase though and you may choose a free sample with each order. Simply go to our Development & Samples category and add the development juice to your cart. There is a limit of one (1) sample per order.

Whether a development juice makes it as a mainstream product or not often depends on feedback from you so please post a review telling us what you think.


Why don't you keep juices ready made ?

We decided when we started the business to provide juices as fresh as possible without them sitting on shelves. This also allows us to offer you a range of different choices with your juices regarding Flavour Strength, PG/VG level. etc.

Orders can take between 1-4 days to produce when there is juice being ordered. At peak times this can even be longer, but please be assured you will receive a fresh product.

The only juices that, at times, are made in batches are our development juices, but these don't sit for long as we only make very small batches at a time.


Using Juicewhore Juices/Concentrates

What is PG/VG?

PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are the carrier liquids that produce the "smoke" when you vape. They make up the bulk of the juice. PG and VG perform the same task but have slightly different characteristics:

VG produces more vapour. It is usually sweeter in taste.
VG gives a smoother vape but can mute flavours.
VG is thicker which slows juice flow and, unless thinned with a little distilled water can cause 'dry hits' (burnt taste). Note: the VG used in our Premium juices is pre-thinned.

Due to the makeup of some base components not all juices can be made in every PG/VG ratio (eg: 100% VG) - if an option is not listed for a particular juice we cannot make it for you.

PG/VG ratio is not overly critical (flavour & Nicotine levels are more important) and generally just comes down to personal preference. We recommend a ratio of 80% PG / 20%VG or 50% PG / 50% VG to begin with. 

Our Tools page has a handy calculator for mixing liquids with differing PG/VG levels.

What is Flavour Strength?
Most of our juices are available in 2 or 3 flavour strengths.
Standard is "ready to vape" - it has been made at the correct strength for use without mixing.
Doublers and Triplers are, as their names suggest, two and three times stronger in flavour than Standard and are designed to be mixed with PG or VG (with or without Nicotine). See "How do I mix Doublers or Triplers?" below.

NOTE: We do not supply Nicotine - Flavour Strength is not a veiled way of us asking what Nicotine level you want.

As we make our juices fresh to order all will benefit from steeping (see "How long should I wait before I use my juice ?" below).
How do I mix Doublers or Triplers (with or without Nicotine)?
As the name suggests, Doublers have double the flavour strength and are designed for mixing 1:1 with unflavoured PG and/or VG (usually with Nicotine).
Triplers are 50% stronger in flavour than Doublers and are designed for mixing 1:2 with unflavoured PG and/or VG.
Due to the amount of concentrate required in some flavours not all of our juices can be made as Triplers (and which is why we cant offer Quadruplers!).
Liquid Nicotine uses a PG and/or VG base and is available in various levels, eg: 24mg(per ml). it is easiest to purchase Nicotine with a mg level that, when mixed directly with your Doubler or Tripler, will result in the mg level you wish to vape at.
We recommend Hi-Liq Nicotine for mixing with our juices - www.hiliq.com/ (use discount code "JE15OFF" for 15% off).
Doubler example mix:
If you purchase 36mg Nicotine and mix 10ml of it with 10ml Doubler you will have 20ml of full flavoured juice at 18mg.
Tripler example mix:
If you purchase 24mg Nicotine and mix 10ml of it with 5ml of Tripler you will have 15ml of full flavoured juice at 16mg
Please see the Tools page for juice mixing calculators
How long should I wait before I use my juice ?
We suggest that you allow at least a week for your juice to mature, this is known as steeping. Of course you can vape it as soon as you receive it, but because we make juices fresh to order the flavours take time to meld together and develop - just like a fine wine.
You will receive the best taste experience if you can wait just that little bit longer to try it. We know it's hard, but it will be worth it!
How much juice is in the bottle ?

Apart from our Development samples (which are 5ml Doublers supplied in 10ml bottles) all of our juices are supplied in full bottles - eg: if you purchase a 30ml Doubler you will receive 30ml of double strength juice in a 30ml bottle..

You will always receive at least the amount you've purchased (10ml, 30ml, etc), at the correct flavour strength, however some bottles may be a little fuller due to manufacturing processes.

We understand that some vendors supply partialy filled bottles for ease of mixing (eg: 15ml Doubler in a 30ml bottle) but we'd prefer not to mess with a system that has worked well for the past 8 years. We do encourage you to reuse your empty bottles though - just pop out the tip and rinse everything well in warm water.

What is in my juice ?
Typically ejuice is made from Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, and Natural & Artificial food flavourings.
Our juices do not contain Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, Artificial Colours, Added Sweeteners, Alcohol or Nicotine.
What about Nicotine?

The sale/supply of Nicotine products for vaping is prohibited in Australia. We do not offer Nicotine and we cannot "add" it - please don't ask.

Liquid Nicotine is available from overseas and currently can be imported for personal use. We recommend Hi-Liq - www.hiliq.com/ - use the coupon code "JW15OFF" to receive 15% off your order.

Why is my juice a different colour to last time ?

We occasionly get asked about the colour of juices which can change from order to order. The reason for the colour change is because of variations in colour of ingrediants that we receive from our suppliers. We can assure you that we always use the same recipe, however the colour may vary quite a bit.

For instance the latest Citrus Tart is much lighter in colour than it used to be. One of the concentrates has gone from being orange to clear in colour, however the flavour remains the same. This is also the case with Del's Ultimate Pipe which will vary greatly in colour.

Things can go wrong though and if you try your juice and still feel that it's not the same as what you used to be supplied with, please don't hesitate to lodge a support ticket so we can try and work out what the problem might be.

Be aware also that juices react to Nicotine being added and changing your brand of Nicotine can also change the flavour and/or colour of a juice when mixed.

Always let your juices steep for at least a few days after you have mixed them, then go back and try again.


Can you help me with using concentrates ?

Whilst we are happy to offer general advice and help you choose the right products for DIY (do it yourself) juice making, concentrates are for your own usage and experimentation.

Because the strength of concentrates varies greatly between brands and flavours, and given that taste is a very personal and subjective thing, the amount required to make a full flavoured juice is not fixed - one flavour may only need 1% of concentrate, another may need 20%. Unless a suggestion is given on the product page we are unable to provide specific figures for the amount of concentrate needed to mix with your base of PG and/or VG.

We work hard to develop our juices, some of which take months to perfect, so please understand that we can't share these recipes with you.

There are quite a few online resources for making your own juices. The Australian Vapers Forum at www.aussievapers.com has a section for this and is a good place to start.



What is the difference between atomisers, cartomisers, clearomisers, tanks?

All ecigarettes require a heating element (coil) to vapourise the juice. When the user draws on the ecigarette, air travels past the hot coil bringing the vapour with it. There are differing methods of how juice is supplied to the coil and we've tried to outline them below.

Traditionaly, atomisers are simply a coil mounted horizontally inside a tube with a refillable cartridge containing ejuice inserted in the top. A typical example of an atomiser/cartridge setup is the Joyetech eGo-C system.

Although no longer popular, cartomisers are a combination of cartridge and atomiser housed in a thin metal sleeve. Instead of a seperate cartridge the juice is held in filling material surrounding the vertical mid mounted heating coil. Cartomisers were designed to be disposible and relatively cheap.

Clearomisers are generally made with a see-through plastic or glass housing - hence the "clearo" name. They have a top or bottom mounted heating coil which is fed juice via fibre or cotton wicking from the surrounding housing. Clearomisers are refillable, cleanable and feature relatively inexpensive replacable coils.

Tanks are simply larger versions of, or extensions to, the above types. Most tanks employ replaceable coil units which are designed like miniture cartomisers (Aspire BVC for example) with the bulk of the juice being containing in the tank surrounding it.


What is Resistance & Ohms?

Atomisers have a tiny wire coil inside them, when power is applied they heat up to vapourise the juice - how much heat produced is largely dependent on battery voltage and the electrical resistance of the coil itself. Resistance is measured in Ohms.

In a typical starter kit (eg: EVOD) the batteries have a fixed voltage, so in order to produce more heat we need to select a lower resistance coil. 
EVOD atomisers (clearomisers) come fitted with a 1.8 ohm coil - this for many gives a nice vape with good battery life between recharges - those looking for a bit more heat can opt for a 1.5 ohm coil, however this comes at the expense of some battery time. Conversely, if you find the 1.8 ohm is a little warm then a 2.2 ohm coil would be a better option.

What is a coil?

Strictly speaking a coil is just the wire element which heats up to produce vapor. But..
Because the element requires a regulated amount of juice to be effective, wicking material is placed either inside or around the element to draw liquid to it, and collectively this is also known as a coil. And..
When the element and wicking are brought together and fitted into a housing to make a small replaceable package,  this is also classed as a coil.

What does the mAh of a battery mean?

mAh stands for milliAmpHours. In non-technical terms it is the measurement of battery capacity - the higher the mAh rating the longer it will last between charges.
The mAh of a battery does not mean it produces "more power", it is simply a capacity rating.

The trade off for more capacity is a physically larger battery.


What does 510 or eGo threading mean?

There are 2 main thread types used to join your atomiser and battery together. 510 is the smaller of the two. EVOD and other eGo style batteries have both thread types whereas devices such as the iStick only have 510 threading.

My new battery/kit doesn't work/turn on..

This is our most asked support question - please read.

Batteries normally come from the factory turned off. To turn on (and off again) you will need to click the fire button a number of times (normally 5). The timing of the clicks varies slightly between brands but generally needs to be done quite fast - normally within a second or so. If the battery doesn't appear to turn on at first then try clicking more quickly.

New battery faults are quite rare, and in almost every case of a unit having been returned to us with a supposed fault (not turning on) it has simply been that the button has not been clicked fast enough.