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We are glad to announce our latest development for nicotine free eliquid designed to mimic the nicotine hit. With valuable feedback received for our previous 0 nicotine liquid, we reworked the formula making it milder and rounder. Flash is designed as ready to vape E liquid but it can be diluted up to personal preferences. Composition: PG 63% VG 35% Flavouring preparations and flavourings 2%



10ml of FlavourArt concentrate supplied in a needle tip bottle with childproof lid.


SKU FA0611
Brand FlavourArt

Just burns the throat - awful

Hi, i am a lover of throat hit - I only put a little bit (maybe 2%) of flash mixed with my e juice (one i know the flavour and throat hit of to perfection as i've used it for 2 years), to try it. It doesn't affect the flavour, which is a good thing, but it simply attacks the throat with a burning feeling. This is NOT throat hit.. Throat hit is feeling a presence "hit" your throat as you inhale, this is just a pure burn. I had to empty the tank and toss the coil, and will never use this again. They even say on the info page it's a ready to vape e juice on it's own.. WOW! I don't know how anyone could do such a thing!

Two thumbs up.

This is exactly what i have been looking for. More body to my tobac vapes and that missing back of the throat hit. Even gives that little zing/tingle on the tongue on the exhale that nic gives without the need of nic. Start at 0.5%, not enough? Go to 1%, if thats it stop. But if not enough go up to 1.5% and so on. I started at 0.5% as i was recomended and gradually went up by .5% till i hit the mark for me which was 1.5 :Spot on. The missing link for tobacco vapes. Flash is thumbs up.


Glad I ordered this.... I really found it helped with that missing "back of the throat" hit- just adding a few drops made all the difference- thanks!

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