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A true full bodied black coffee with no creaminess.  For lovers of dark rich coffee. 

Keep out of Reach of Children.  Zero Nicotine.


Brand Juicewhore


Vile saliva absorbing metallic dust with undertones of toxic waste. Id rather smoke a cigarette. Second hand vapour is other-worldly in its unpleasantness. Feels somehow wrong to inhale this one. Avoid.

Expresso Deluxe

Like many who are new to vaping, I initially ordered many flavours. Expresso Deluxe quickly became my favourite, and now is the only flavour I use. It\'s smooth, pleasant and not too dominant, and is the perfect adjunct to my vaping!

Wonderful vape :-)

Love this juice!! Delightful undertones of hazelnut with a beautiful coffee taste. The juice also has a nice chocolaty scent while in the carto. This has become my favoured all-day vape.

Doesn\'t taste very good

tastes like kapino coffee lollies, only not as nice. It\'s not bad, just not what I was excited expecting.

espresso deluxe review

We bought the espresso deluxe liquid because we had been trying all the different coffee liquids. We were very happy with it and found it to be nice and smooth as well as a really great vape. Would certainly buy it again and highly recommend it to anyone especially if they are a fan of coffee.

Strong flavour

Let this one steep for a few days as it smelt very strong through the bottle. Initially it has a very nutty taste but something I can enjoy. Might get better over time like other flavours have.

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