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Our new Dr Pepper is much closer in flavour to the well known Cherry Cola drink.  If you like your Dr Peppers, give this one a try.  .

Zero Nicotine.  Keep out of Reach of Children. 



Brand Juicewhore

like homebrand Cola made a Dr pepper kind of

Didn't like this very much. Didn't taste like Dr pepper to me, did have a similar kind of hint to it, that part that some may describe as tasting like medicine, but totally misses out on the sweet almond flavor that makes me love Dr pepper. There are definitely better Dr pepper vapes better than this out there. I was also getting a burny after taste every now and then even though I changed coils.Would not recommend.


The Dr Pepper type juice is a nice enough vape, I just dont really get the Dr Pepper taste I was expeting. All good, got a tank full now, so it might be one of those juices that grow on me,... I will vape on and find out!

Not there for me

Smelled awesome straight from the bottle. Slight plastic taste which may be from stardust clearo, other flavours have been fine though. Not digging this one, sorry.

Alright taste

Had a pretty good taste but after a day I had to replace my tank, not sure what happened but 2 of my Clearo tank wicks burnt out while using it. I also purchased Menthol and Fruity Fizz which were amazing and had no issues with.

Great Taste!

I can no longer drink the real stuff, so this is as good as it gets, the real doctor pepper flavour comes as the after taste, but I love it, will definitely be ordering some more of this :)

Great juice and the boge is just a good with a sli


Its Dr Pepper Flavour Silly

The after taste is where the Dr Pepper flavour is most noticeable. Getting very close to spot on!

sweet and subtle

Really nice aroma and flavour. Wanted it stronger, so I also tried the \'doubler\' version, which was better though still not strong enough for me.

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