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If you are into watching a movie and eating Caramel Popcorn then you will love this juice.  Sweet and tasty without all the crunch.  We've had requests for this juice for a long time and finally were able to reproduce the flavour.  

Keep out of reach of children.  Zero Nicotine. 


Brand Juicewhore

Most definitely popcorn

If you love the buttered popcorn flavour of those famous little jelly beans, then this is it, in a vape. Its very well done, but I was expecting Caramel Popcorn to have a more definite caramel taste.

Spot on!

Caramel Popcorn - 9/10 60/40 (LR) 3.2v (eGo-T) Tastes legit, as in of all 20 or so flavours I have tried so far, only Dels butter menthol came this close to tasting sooo much like the real thing!, very addictive vape. Gets better the more you vape it. When you overheat the atty, it gives the caramel a sweet burnt flavour which is great for a toot or two. A little sweet for an all day vape, but very close.

new favourite flavour!

fantastic tastes just like the caramel popcorn I make at home

Insanely Delicious

Absolutely gorgeous flavour, Ive never tried caramel popcorn for a basis of comparrison, however as soon as I opened the bottle, I adored it. only thing I wish could be changed is for it to be stronger, but I have 3 teaspoons of coffee in my coffee for breakfast so you be the judge.

Great taste !

Love this flavour ! Even tried it while eating the real caramel popcorn ! Nice sweet caramel taste with the after taste of popcorn.

definitely has the caramel corn flavour

Perhaps just a tad more caramel, or some more sweet of some description.

Caramel popcorn, just like the real stuff

This is amazingly good. You get a sweet caramel/vanilla vape, and then a buttery popcorn flavour. Much like the jelly belly buttered popcorn flavour, but much smoother without overdoing the sweetness. If you overheat it, it smells even more caramelised. Try it while watching a movie. I hope this one stays a long long time because its a winner.

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