Buttered Popcorn - 10ml Standard

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Buttered popcorn without the crunch - not sure about vaping in the movies but at home why not!  

Keep out of Reach of Children.  Zero Nicotine. 


Brand Juicewhore

Spot on

Exactly what you would expect, tastes identical to buttered popcorn, quite a nice evening vape, give it a try.

Not real fond of this popcorn one

but i think its more personal taste than quality. I love the vanilla cappacino that is very nice and a smooth flavour

Not Bad!

I must say, when I seen this in the samples menu, I had to try it! At first I wasnt impressed, but as it steeped it got amazing! If you have thought about trying it - JUST DO IT! you wont regret it! Would love to see this on the flavours list or in the concentrates menu :)

Its movie time!

Id guess just about everyone loves it... That smell as you walk into the theatre of sweeet, buttery, popcorn love *sigh* Well now I can vape this anytime ;) I thought it might be a bit much across an entire day but Im glad to say this one can go the distance. If I could change anything it would be MORE BUTTER... But I always do that at the movies as well and it may not actually be good for me... lol Please perfect and release this one to your already superb line up! IM SOLD.

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