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Yummy Blueberry Crumble with cinnamon back notes.  Perfect as an all day vape or just for dessert - you choose.

Keep out of reach of children.  Zero Nicotine.  


Brand Juicewhore

was such a nice surprise!

the smell of the juice once steeped didn't smell right to me but this is a case of "tastes nothing like the smell"! a really smooth blueberry without a hint of any chemical taste! I mixed a doubler equally 50/50 with nic, so it's a perfect mix.. reason i'm saying this is it's not overly strong, which i personally love. It's smooth. If you want a stronger taste just put 5 or 10% more juice in the mix:) I must admit i'd be interested in JW doing triplers and concentrates of heir home brand. Anyway, been vaping this all weekend in temp mode,230 celsius nickel coils, 17 watts, and it's delicious.


Well i cant pick it nearly vaped the whole sample trying too lol each time i think its one thing i change my mind haha what ever it is its very very nice to vape lovely after taste will be buying it again Cheers :)

great, yum more

this wasn\'t what i was expecting , but oh wow yum, an aniseed or clove hint that nanna used put in her baking i reordering cos im just finishing my last few drops as i type...doubler recommended

Very Nice!

This is a really lovely vape. Easily vapeable all day. Vaped with Stardust 2.4 ohms. 75% VG with 20 mg nic.

Very mild and smells good...

Very mild and smells good...

Blueberry crumble

Really enjoying this sample. Wonderful blueberry with just enough cinnamon taste in a vivi nova. 4.2v seems to be the sweet spot for me. Thanks

Blueberry Crumble

This is a great vap after dinner or accompanied with a hot chocolate. As well as the Blueberry Crumble taste, there is a hint of cinnamon or some type of related spice. Highly Recommended.

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