Using concentrates to make your own juice

Author: Del   Date Posted:2 May 2018 

Feel like experimenting ?

We have often been asked for our recipes, and while we would love to share our secrets, we simply just can't give out what has taken sometimes years to perfect.

What we can help you with is some information about using concentrates that you can purchase in our store.  FlavourArt, Capella and The Flavour Apprentice concentrates are all good quality products that we use ourselves.

The secret to mixing juices is to use small quantities and keep perfecting to suit your taste.  Use 10ml bottles and add a few drops of concentrate ( don't forget to write down how many drops you've used ).  Add your prefered base to fill up the bottle with either Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin or both.  

The next step is to test it.  Use your normal device to test.  If it's not strong enough add some more drops and adjust the figures that you've written down.

Once you have it perfected to your taste the next step is to convert your drops into mls.  To do this you will need a syringe.  Remove the plunger from the syringe and hold it with a finger placed over the tip.  It sounds messy but it's really the best way to accurately measure.  Drip the number of drops of your concentrate into the syringe and you will be able to gauge the concentrate in mls.  This is the measure you will use per 10mls of juice.

If you want to add nicotine you still use the same amount of concentrate, add your nicotine and then top up with your favourite base of PG, VG or both.

That's it, now you know how to mix.  The secret now is to find out what concentrates to use and what suits you.

You'll make some horrid concoctions but you might also find your all day vape.

Vape away and enjoy!


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