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For Banana lovers and those of the real Banana Bread. Notes of Banana, Walnut, Pecan with a Cinnamon back note.  Contains nut flavours for an authentic taste.   

Keep Out of Reach of Children.  Zero Nicotine. 


Brand Juicewhore

Banana Bread review

I chose the banana bread as my free sample because I absolutly LOVE banana bread but to my disapointment it tastes nothing like it. It does have a strong sort of banana flavour but nothing at all like actual banana bread... it tastes more like...the banana musk tasting lollies that you get form any supermarket. Its hard to explain so I have posted a link to the lollies that Im talking about. There are many different brands of those banana lollies but they all taste the same. Personally I hate those lollies... which is why I really didnt like this banana bread e-juice which tasted nothing like banana bread. Note from Del : Thanks for the review, this is why the juice is still in development and all comments are valuable in helping us make it better. Please note also that these development juices are all doublers so if you are vaping it without cutting, you will be getting double the flavour which is not correct.

Wow Banana

Banana Lovers Delight! The banana flavour is strong and very much like the banana lollies I remember as a kid. On the exhale is the bread/cake flavour though it is a lot more subtle. The flavour is one that lingers so a dedicated tank and a good clean of the atomizer before changing to different juice was a must on the Ego T. If you like banana lolies, Give this a go !


Think I better wait a couple weeks after I mix before reviewing in future. In saying so I just have to add this: After over a week maturing, the banana flavour is a lot more authentic and theres a strong walnut-like flavour. Im surprised at how much this ejuice has changed. Its still to early to say but I might prefer less nut flavour if thats possible. Cant say Ive eaten banana bread before so Im thinking cake. Maybe some butter? Oh yeah, this isnt food... (80/20 at 9.6mg)


Like a banana cake with banana lolly icing. I cant detect a particular nut flavour, though I guess its part of the subtle cake exhale Im liking. Its only been mixed a couple of days so Im hoping it gets better than it already is.

Banana bread love

Being an inexperienced vapour I tried this juice strait from postage without steeping time and was very pleased with this juice compared to other Banana Bread juices I have tried in the past. There was a complexity of flavours rather than a single artificial flavour and I could taste the nuttiness of the sweet banana bread. It was very pleasant to vape with a vapour production I have never expierenced before. It was just tremendously great.

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