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The sale and supply of Nicotine products for vaping in Australia is prohibited. We cannot and do not sell, give away, or add Nicotine - please don't ask.


Nicotine can currently be imported from overseas for personal use, but you need to purchase this yourself (see link below). Nicotine comes as a liquid, using PG and/or VG as the base carrier, and is measured in milligrams per millilitre (mg/ml), or simply mg.

The mg level commonly referred to in cigarettes (eg: 12mg) is actually the tar content (there is no tar produced when vaping) and the amount of Nicotine in one cigarette is generally less than 10% of this figure (eg: .8mg).

Recommend Nicotine levels for new vapers is around 12-18mg, light users closer to 6mg, heavier users up to 24mg.

Most all of our juices are available as Doublers (double flavour strength) which can be simply mixed with liquid Nicotine.
Mixing is an easy process - you just need a Doubler and an equal amount of Nicotine at twice the mg level you wish to vape at. You will also need an empty bottle the same size as the Doubler.
Simply pour half the Doubler into the empty bottle and top up both bottles with the Nicotine - done!.

30ml Doubler juice
+ 30ml 24mg Nicotine
= 60ml 12mg Standard juice

We recommend Hi-Liq Nicotine when mixing with our juices - use the discount code "JW15OFF" for a 15% discount off your Hi-Liq order.

IMPORTANT: Nicotine is a poison.  It is easily absorbed through the skin and at higher levels can be fatal.
- At minimum you should wear gloves and eye protection when handling any Nicotine product.
- Keep out of reach of children. Products containing Nicotine should be stored in childproof containers.