Protank 3 & EVOD 2 Replacement Coils - 1.5 ohm

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Pack of 5 genuine replacement coils to suit Kanger Protank 3Mini Protank 3 and EVOD 2. Also fits Aerotank, Genitank, TD2, Glass EVOD, EMOW.

Dual coil design. Not suitable for previous versions of Protank, EVOD, etc.

To change coil:

Invert tank and unscrew base.
Unscrew old coil from base and fit new.
Top up with liquid if required and screw base back onto tank.
Allow a minute or two for juice to saturate the wick before use.


Brand Kanger


A quick way to fix problems with clearomisers,

Dual Coil to suit Kanger Protank 3,

I think these coils perform very well, i try to keep the volts and amps low, but to an aquired taste which extends the life of the coil. I always prime the coils until they are full of juice before fitting.


Terrific vapour production and improved flavour over earlier design, which was also great. May be difficult to clean. Hopefully the coils will last longer.

kanger duel coil upgraded

i found these coils to be quiet good, however they dont seem to last any great length of time. At the beginning they are great and within a week of heavy vaping their done,(imo). i find the taste much better than single coil units.

Duell coils for protank, mini protank, geni tank

These coils work fine for the first few hours then their "crackle" slowly dissapears and i find myself slowly upping the voltage and/or the amps. At the end of the second day their done and need changing, but they have done many hours work in that time as i broke my back and only sleep for 3-4 hours each night. when im awake im on the vape so they arent too bad i guess.

They would be fine...

If they lasted longer than 2 days.

Would recommend both. Tends to

Would recommend both. Tends to not leak onto the battery\'s as others do. The coils at times do reside and don\'t make contact with the battery at times so you have to manually adjust


The coils are made well and work great!


Although the wick is concealed, they clean just fine (dip them in isopropyl alcohol.) They last longer than the previous model. Good stuff.


Great Product highly recommended good Value Thank you Very much Frank PS. Very good Vapour !!! Cheers Frank

Upgraded coils

these coils wick much better than the old version. Recommend

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