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For lovers of Musk Sticks, this juice tastes just like them or a lifesaver musk lollie.  We have been asked for a long time to produce a juice of this flavour and it took a while to source ingrediants but it was worth the wait.

This flavour has been so popular it has made our Golden Kiss Range!

 Zero Nicotine. Keep out of reach of children.


Brand Juicewhore

Mild and sweet

This musk reminds me of the teeny round powder type lollies you can buy. Its a mild type of musk with a rounded flavour, not full on or tangy (not chemical-y like some cheap musk sticks can be). Nice perfume note but not sickly. 4/5 because I would of liked it to be a tad tangier for my personal taste preference.

Fantastic flavor!

This is exactly how i imagined this juice to taste like! Im personally a massive fan of anything to do with sweets and lollies and this hits the spot. Its more of an aromatic taste than sweet and i dont think id have it any other way. It arrived in the mail today and i can only bet this will get better in a few days. I can see this being my all day vape for a long time to come. Good job Del!

It is quite like musk sticks

It\'s an easy flavour to vape all day. Not overly sweet like some other candy flavours. Nice


Taste meets the title! Not too sweet but a perfect replication of the real thing. I love it!

not a fan

sorry but it tastes like potpurri or toilet freshener. i love musk sticks but i couldnt vape this at all

Soo Good!

Received the 5ml sampler with an order recently and I have to say this is spot on, excellent. Funny thing is only about a week before I placed my order i was thinking if their was a musk flavored juice anywhere, well here it is. A classic Australian flavor. Now I just have to wait until its available to buy.

Musk Stick

Gorgeous! I was was skeptical about this flavor. I had it in my mind that it would be a very strong perfumy mess but, i was pleasantly suprised by this silky smooth musk vape. Just like those Bigboss sticks i loved as a child.

Spot on!

I received a sample with my last order, and like so many others, Ive been waiting anxiously for a musk-flavoured ejuice. This is pretty much spot on - a cross between musk sticks, musk life savers and/or those little roundish lollies that someone else mentioned above, all of which I remember fondly from my childhood. There are very few ejuices I would want to vape all day that dont have nicotine added to them, but Musk Stick is one I could easily use to vape all day without nicotine - its that nice! This deserve 10 stars! Love it!!

Dusty Musky Heaven

I can literally reminisce of that dusty musky taste that I grew to love as a kidlet. The only way this could be better is with a touch of vanilla and if I could chew it.

Takes Me Back

I remember the musk sticks as a kid and this pretty close to that flavour.

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