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The Dual Coil version of the fantastic Mini Protank is here!

While retaining the performance and features of it's larger siblings, the slim design of the Mini-Protank 3 suits eGo style batteries perfectly.

It has a 1.5ml capacity Pyrex clear glass tank and removable stainless drip tip, can be dismantled for cleaning, and uses the same replacable coils as the Protank 3 and EVOD 2.


Ego threading, with a narrow skirt, means it will screw directly onto EVOD and eGo style batteries as well as some mods. 510 only threaded devices will require an inexpensive 510-eGo adaptor.

Comes fitted with a 1.5 ohm Dual coi.


To fill the Mini-Protank 3:

Invert tank and unscrew the adapter (metal sleeve) from the base.

Carefilly fill up to the top of the center airway tube. Do not overfill or drip juice into the airway tube .

Replace adapter and turn upright.

If this is the first fill please allow a minute or two for the juice to saturate the wick.


To replace the coil:

Invert tank and unscrew the adapter (metal sleeve) from the base.

Remove coli from adapter, replace with new.

Top up with juice if required, and refit adapter.

Turn right way up and allow a minute of two for the juice to saturate the wick.


Brand Kanger

mini protank III

Nice tank light draw but good smoke volume I swapped out the ali mouth piece to plastic because I prefer the feel for 9 bucks its a good venture into the better clearomizers the dual coil is a big plus if they could make the airflow adjustable then it would be perfect but if I want a harder draw I just cover one of the 3 vents with my finger and its good to go. Im about to purchase an adjustable voltage modwhich should make it better but it still performs really well with a standard kanga evod kit mod. I like rebuildable stuff and you cand you can pull this to pieces easily. I would rrecommend this for those looking to step up from the kit clearomizers forsure.

The Best

gives a much better vap, have recommend to my friends who love it to


good, solid little tank - the draw is far too airy but easily fixed by taping up a hole or two. great value. the protank3/aerotank coils don\'t leak or drip either. love it :D

mini Protank 3

I\'ve had my mini protank 3 for about 4 months now and i just love it. It is so reliable and smooth to use, the only fault i can find is it don\'t hold enough fluid......thats why its called a mini i guess. Using an innokin mvp i keep the watts under 8 and the volts around 6.5 - 7 for a richer taste, and it has never leaked or bubbled, (unless coil failed). love it. JW have the quality Kanger Tech, but watch out for cheap copys if purchased elsewhere, they are really crap.

Great product

Great product

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