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We have now included our Golden Kiss juices in a 'Try Me Pack'   The pack containts 5 x 5ml Dripper Bottles with Golden Kiss Doublers.  The included flavours are :

1 x Purple Crunch
1 x Honeycomb
1 x Musk Stick
1 x Citrus Tart
1 x Peach Hookah

5ml Net.  Keep out of reach of children.  20% VG/80% PG

Supplied in 10ml bottles for easy mixing - simply add 5ml of unflavoured PG and/or VG (with or without Nicotine).


Brand Juicewhore

Great Pack

Great way to try the flavors love them all and they are improving with steeping

Great golden kiss

I have to say I really did love all the flavours that came in this pack, it was easy to use and great value for money. The musk was my fav, I think I will be buying it again soon.

Golden Kiss Sampler (Partial).

This review is only on 3 of 6 I received, as Ive only mixed 4 of them so far. (My opinion on the bonus, Black Perique Ive done separately -LOVE IT!) Of the 3 Ive tried from this range so far, the Purple Crunch is my favorite. The Honeycomb is subtle & seems to loose its flavour after only half a dozen tokes, the rest of the tank is bland. Caramel Fudge smells fine, although the aftertaste/finishing notes are wrong. Bearing in mind that taste is subjective, others might really like it. Its not going to waste however, as a few drops in Flue-cured Tobacco seems to be an acceptable compromise.

Great value for money

When I first recieved the little bottles I wasn\'t expecting them to last very long but have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of use I\'m getting from just a few drops! at first the flavours seemed harsh and overwhelming but after some fiddling they now work very well. I\'m struggling to pick a favorite as there are some very tasty flavours in this pack. Will definitely be back to obtain the other sampler packs at a later date.

Buzzing out on flavors

As recommended by juice whore to let the juices settle for about a week or so all the juices can mend and settle before use but.................I could not resist and had to try them. Where do you guys get these flavors from. The flavors are UNBELIEVABLE, only downside is I try and stay away from confec and chocolates but these juices actually gave me a huge craving for chocolates and sweets. I loved the taste, the throat hit and the after taste was something that would stick around and give you a sweet and beautiful after taste. This is another must have pack for anyone. Flavors are layered perfectly as usual and out of all these flavors I was a little sceptical about the citrus tart thinking that it might be a little too strong and citrusy but the balance was perfect and as if this juice was just perfectly tailored for me. Excellent work and it is very evident you guys have a lot of passion going into your juices because the taste is very very evident on that. Thank you so much.

Top way to try all flavours!!

Not only are the flavours great bit the concept is excellent... I love being able to try a these out!


A great sample pack to find your favourite juice. The flavours I have tried so far rock and taste exactly like what they say on the bottle. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you may have some trouble putting them down :)

Perfect way to start

I bought this at the same time as my JW Spinner kit, and I have to say I couldn\'t be happier! Now that they have had time to mature the flavours are as complex as they are delicious! Sometimes I almost forget I am vaping and not actually eating a tasty treat! I\'ve done some more reviews on the individual flavours themselves, check out their pages if your interested. :)

Golden kiss

OMG! Love it!

Actually you sent me tobacco

Actually you sent me tobacco set 1 by mistake, so I\'ve yet to try the golden kiss flavours. Do feel free to send me a set.

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