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So you like Juicy Fruit Gum ?  This is the vape for you.  Tastes just like it, but of course we can't use that name.  Full of flavour just like the gum.  

Keep out of reach of children.  Zero Nicotine.


Brand Juicewhore

It\'s the taste

Exactly like juicy fruit gum.

Chewy fruit

Full of real flavour .love it.

Chewy Fruit Review

Great juice, vapes nice and has good flavour.

more flavor please

I bought the tripler and the flavor is a bit weak and if you mix it with nic juice the strength of the flavor is quite weak.

Great Juice

I always loved Juicy Fruit chewing gum but I don\'t actually like chewing as a habit so I was quite happy to give this a try. As with all new juices I like to try them straight away then give them a week or so to steep. While it wasn\'t bad at all first up it definitely came into its own after a week (it is now exactly the same flavour as the gum). I now switch between this and the Strawberry as my all day vapes.

Chewy fruit, like eating sweets

Really nice! Although I ordered several flavours, and clicked standard, I though this was standard nicotine but it\'s nicotine free- i have wasted money and back on cigs to get my nicotine hit. Flavours all great tho- just don\'t get a hit of my addiction to nicotine :(

I had my doubts, but.....

I grew up chewing Juicy Fruit Chewing gum... It takes some time accepting that Vaping can truly simulate the flavours of things you somehow imagine cant be accomplished through vapour. Well, nope, I dont know How JuiceWhore does it, But she Does! This tastes exactly like Juicy Fruit to me... And I am hooked :)

The taste will get you going when ya pop it in ya

Wow, takes me back to 88. Tastes just like the real thing except the flavour doesnt run out after 10 minutes. Very nice! This one is in my top 10 list.


This is just like juicy fruit. Its very smooth and vapes wonderfully :)

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