Bourbon and Cola - 10ml Standard

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All the taste without the alcohol - this vape won't register when you blow in the bag.  Enjoy with a snack in the afternoon or evening.  

Zero Nicotine.  Keep out of reach of children.

Please note: As of 26/07/16 the formulation of this juice has been altered due to one the original ingrediants being no longer available. The flavour has changed slightly so if you are a regular purchaser please try a smaller amount this time just to be sure.

Warning:  Reports have been received that this juice may cause cracking and/or breakdown of plastics used in some tanks and clearomisers. 


Brand Juicewhore

Nice sweet one.

This is nice if you like a sweet juice. The Cola taste is very authentic, but I didnt get a lot of Bourbon. This would be an occasional one for me.. But I tend to prefer coffee flavours. and my new favourite.. Dels Ultimate Pipe.

Bourbon and Cola 100% VG

It\'s good, at first I couldn\'t really taste the bourbon, had my girlfriend try it. And apparently the bourbon is pretty strong.

More "cola" than bourbon but still very enjoyable

Title says it all. Would purchase again.


I tried this flavor and am very pleased with the combination. The cola and bourbon immediately hits you and leaves a pleasant after-taste. I added a couple of drops of menthol to give it a cold taste.

Awesome combination

Solid coke taste with the after taste of bourbon. Keep up the great combinations of flavours

Nice for a change

Good cola taste that is very close to the cola in B&C in a can. The bourbon taste was, however, a little lost. Gave it to a local Bourbonologist to try and he was quite impressed combined his two favourite vices.

Excellent taste, too much cola not enough bourbon

It has a great cola taste but it tastes more like a pure cola than a mix of bourbon and cola, but nonetheless very delicious


More like cola lollipops to start, after a couple of weeks the bourbon started to pop in :) very nice, and works well when drinking bourbon and cola

A refreshing treat...

This is great to vape all day especially with fruit and sweet things...


Nice sweet juice. Almost like cola flavoured lollies sprinkled with a touch of adult flavour. Not much of a spirit drinker myself and even I like this one, but gave it to a mate who has a passion for bourbon and cola and he may as well be drinking the juice at the speed he has gone through it. Another great juice!


love the taste it taste just like the real thing mabey abit sweater

lovely flavour

This flavour takes some getting used to but ones you go through a couple of tanks of it then it feels very refreshing, ide say it tastes more like an unbranded cola more than a coca cola and the mix of the bourban and cola seems to taste a lot like Bacardi and coke but still that\'s a positive thing.

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